Confide: Your Off-The-Record Messenger

Rudolf Olah:

pretty neat app, I prefer TextSecure though for encrypted SMS/MMS.
biggest problem with these apps are the network effects. Everyone is already on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. why should they install Confide or TextSecure? Just so that they get encrypted messages by default? That still doesn’t seem to be a big enough draw for the mainstream crowd.
this is precisely why new phone operating systems and all desktop apps should default to encrypted messaging. It isn’t that much more development work and it secures your users’ communications without forcing them to re-think the way they send messages or anything.

Originally posted on GoAugust:

Confide: Your Off-The-Record Messenger

As CTO, I have to keep in mind the security of our web applications and software. Not only that, I have to ensure that communications between our team is as secure as the situation calls for.

One tool for keeping communications secure is Confide, an iPhone app that’s now available on Android, that lets you send messages to contacts that can only be read once and no screenshot can be taken while reading. After it’s read, the message disappears. The key component to this app is how you read the message; you have to slide your finger underneath the sentence, you only see a few words at a time. Surprisingly you get used to it.

It’s easy to get up and running but as with most security or encryption-related apps, you have to get your social network, your friends and family and co-workers to start using…

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