February, 2014

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Disable CSRF Verification in Django Class-Based View with csrf_exempt

While working on a Django web app, I had to disable CSRF protection in a view. The goal was that our API was accepting data from another part of our website and we needed to skip the CSRF protection just for that one page. There are two great answers onRead More

Why & How I Write Java

Interesting read, somehow I can’t handle too much Java, I always get tripped up by the primitiveness of it (even when using an IDE like Intellij IDEA which I own a license for). Copying JAR files around or making sure that the XML config files are written correctly is somethingRead More

StackOverflow Search (SOS) mode for Emacs

StackOverflow Search (SOS) mode for Emacs I was reading about a PhD student who created a plugin for an IDE that integrates searching for questions & answers on a knowledge base that included an easy way to insert code snippets from the answers in their own source code. I useRead More


Watching some Patton Oswalt – My Weakness is Strong! and coding. Tempted to setup the whole PHP QA chain of tools (think I need PHP Mess Detector): http://phpqatools.org/

Computer Science: Theoretical and Practical

…my personal fascination with [computer science] is the fact that the fruitful area of overlap of practical and theoretical is so huge. What is nice from a theoretical point of view is usually eminently useful, and what is a really good practical idea always has something deep underlying it. AndRead More

some code for running PHPunit in Emacs

I’m working on a legacy PHP app for a client and up until today I was running unit tests in a terminal window. But my natural working enviornment so why not write something that will execute the unit tests and display the results in an Emacs buffer? The following isRead More

The Chaos Report: a non-existent software crisis?

The Non-Existent Software Crisis: Debunking the Chaos Report I don’t agree with the article and the survey questions to me are flawed, however I cannot respond to it yet until I’ve finished reading Software Development FailuresĀ šŸ˜‰

Add New Drupal Site sysadmin script

It would take maybe 10-15 minutes to set up a new drupal site using drupal-mult-site, there was a whole dance involved with setting up a new database, a new database user, and copying the settings over. With the following shell script, I could deploy new sites within a minute. IRead More

Python SysAdmin script for emails

Here’s some code I wrote maybe over 2 years ago for managing an email account database on my server. And yes, the mysql database password is in there. It’s a good thing the username no longer exists so the password doesn’t work. Oh and the server is offline because IRead More