Facebook Hilariously Debunks Princeton Study Saying It Will Lose 80% Of Users

I feel sad for TechCrunch and Facebook, they think they debunked this “Princeton” article that suggests the number of Facebook users would drop by 80% without realizing that the paper was published on arXiv only a week or two ago. The paper apparently has not been peer-reviewed and the authors do not appear to have had a professor or someone else advising them due to the error in methodology used. Furthermore, the students are from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department, it’s sad that their methodology was flawed but it’s kinda expected as the subject matter is closer to Computer Science or Sociology or Business. The popularity of Facebook isn’t an engineering matter. What depresses me is that there are so many people praising Facebook’s response to this paper who are unaware of how academia works. Princeton’s name is being dragged through the dirt for little reason.

Two doctoral *students* published the paper in a department that isn’t quite related to the subject matter. If the paper has substance it will be cited by others in the future. If it’s garbage it will either be left uncited by anyone or someone will use it as an example of flawed methods in their own paper.

This should have been dealt with in a different way instead of a satirical response.

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