January, 2014

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Remapping Keyboard Multimedia Buttons to ALSA after removing PulseAudio

Remapping Keyboard Multimedia Buttons to ALSA after removing PulseAudio This was awesome. I had removed pulse-audio because it wasn’t playing nicely on my 64-bit machine when using Flash, VLC and Clementine and Skype and a whole bunch of other audio sources. I replaced it with ALSA which meant replacing theRead More

Facebook Hilariously Debunks Princeton Study Saying It Will Lose 80% Of Users

I feel sad for TechCrunch and Facebook, they think they debunked this “Princeton” article that suggests the number of Facebook users would drop by 80% without realizing that the paper was published on arXiv only a week or two ago. The paper apparently has not been peer-reviewed and the authorsRead More

The Techtopus: How Silicon Valley’s most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers’ wages

Meritocracy for everyone! Except those who want to be paid well for their work.

Why Startups Should Use Hiring Bonuses

SEMAT Kernel Example – walking through a small task

I’ve been reading the SEMAT Kernel book, The Essence of Software Engineering: Applying the SEMAT Kernel, and it provides a new way of managing software development projects. It’s supposed to make it easy to check the health of a project by classifying the major components, known as Alpha states inRead More

DRM Removal Tools for eBooks

awesome. just awesome.

Compromised data notes

(The following are my notes made from attending the morning of day 1 of the Comprised Data Colloquium, 28 October 2013)

Restarting an Express web server using grunt-contrib-watch

I found some code for express livereload and for assets that change but I didn’t find anything that was good for restarting the Express webserver whenever a web server file changed. I’m very used to Django’s workflow where you can leave the dev web server running and it will reloadRead More

Some characteristics of the best developers I worked with

I don’t see thinking or analyzing or writing really well or being able to use formal methods or understanding more than the basics of computer science theory. Too bad.

rant: ugh nodejs and npm and test runners

NPM’s search really is awful. Especially on the command-line, it appears to scrape the npmjs.org website and doesn’t seem to cache much. It’s slower than apt-get. I switched to using the web interface to search for packages but then I realized that it has no way of sorting or filteringRead More