November, 2013

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Deconstructing AngularJS Injector

I was reading through Coders at Workand realized that I haven’t done much code reading lately, other than reading through code samples in tutorials and articles. The interviews in the book suggested that code reviews and code reading are one of the most important things you can do as aRead More

Yak Shaving With wxJSON and wxWidgets

weekend of yak shaving: I was trying to setup autoconf and a configure script for DeskNewsBlur and noticed that there had been a new stable release of wxWidgets, so of course I had to upgrade. I grabbed the source code, compiled it and installed it them realized I would alsoRead More

BloodFox Net Hacking a Server Interface Mockup

In the game BloodFox Net you have to crack into servers to complete missions. I’ve tried to figure out the best way to represent this and I’m using Uplink and Hacker Evolution Duality as references. In the game Uplink, there’s timing; the people guarding the server will try to traceRead More

Loom, a JavaScript build tool

I’ve tried using grunt before (I mentioned it before) and haven’t been able to wrap my head around it and why it’s useful. GNU Make is still my preferred build tool and Makefiles for JavaScript projects are usually short, at least relative to some bigger C/C++ projects that I’ve seen.Read More

Little-known directives of Angular.js

Little-known directives of Angular.js Nice small post showing some of the lesser used directives

yelpapi, a pure Python implementation of the Yelp v2.0 API

yelpapi, a pure Python implementation of the Yelp v2.0 API This looks really good, I really like how simple it is: The reason I created yelpapi is because I wanted to create an implementation that was completely flexible with regards to both input (i.e., it uses **kwargs) and output (i.e.,Read More

Hotspots Tool

I created a tool on the Django admin for positioning hotspots on an image. Hotspots on an image are points that can be clicked which will then display a pop-up with more information. I created this because we had maybe 50+ hotspots to place. Without the tool it would beRead More

Front-end Consulting Work

Here are some sites that I worked on in 2010 and 2011.

Optimizing AngularJS: 1200ms to 35ms

Some other AngularJS-related posts: Common AngularJS Project Structures Writing an AngularJS Tutorial, First Draft is up Snippet of AngularJS for data models AngularJS vs EmberJS Notes Setting up AngularJS, Angular Seed, Node.js and Karma

Friends don’t let friends pipe to sh

Friends don’t let friends pipe to sh. Finally, someone else agrees that you shouldn’t be piping to your shell to install anything. NPM uses this method, dislike it.