October, 2013

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How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary

How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary Lots of good stuff in here.

BloodFox NET main interface mockup

I feel like this is what a simplified/social gaming version of Uplink would look like. The missions are in the top left and you earn money to do them. There’s also an energy meter (top-left, the clock symbol) which regenerates slowly so that you can’t play the game for moreRead More

How can I install Adobe AIR on Ubuntu and Linux Mint?

How can I install Adobe AIR on Ubuntu and Linux Mint? To use the Balsamiq Mockups tool, I had to install Adobe AIR. Unfortunately the product seems to be discontinued and Adobe are jerks and don’t provide instructions for installing it on GNU/Linux.

Choosing a Linux Music Player

Choosing a Linux Music Player I had this issue the other day when I was using Linux Mint. The music player that’s installed by default is Banshee and it seemed to die whenever the network went down. I’m not sure why that happened or maybe it was some other issue.Read More

HowTo: Setup pressureNET Analysis for Local Development

The pressureNET project is an Android app that collects barometric data. You can download it here. The backend server, pressureNET Analysis, is a Django app that stores the data that is collected by the Android app. The project is free/open source and is licensed under the GNU GPL (General PublicRead More

Making Emacs Work For Me

http://zeekat.nl/articles/making-emacs-work-for-me.html I love this. The dot-emacs (~/.emacs) file is an org-mode file that’s been weaved and tangled into the final product. This allows for a more logical grouping of configuration settings.

Managing Software Engineers – Philip Greenspun 2002

Managing Software Engineers – Philip Greenspun 2002 I submitted this article a long time to reddit, and it still has lots of great advice in it. Some great quotes in there: Negative reinforcement can work if the organization is extremely tightly managed, if the consequences are small and immediate (usuallyRead More

RE: I want to fork everything

Chris Lloyd has written a nice article about how free/open source software has influenced him to want to “fork everything”. After using and contributing to open-source libraries, I have high expectations: I find myself itching to fork the projects I use every day. Imagine all the little tweaks I couldRead More

pitching an idea according to “The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work” by Scott Berkun

To pitch an idea successfully is often possible only in informal, intimate situations. The same goes for speaking the deepest truths and having them heard. Almost no one can convince an entire conference room of coworkers with a speech. That happens only in the movies. Some things are never said,Read More

Why Proper Terminology in the Software/Web Dev Industry Matters

Terminology and jargon are part of any field and industry. They enable us to communicate with a common vocabulary which makes it quicker for us to get to the matter at hand. The nice thing about our industry is that people without computer science degrees, such as myself, can getRead More