September, 2013

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GitStats GitStats is a tool for generating statistics for git repositories. I was looking for graphs on BitBucket that are similar to the nice commit graphs on GitHub but they didn’t have them. GitStats is written in Python and uses GNU Plot.

Response to “The State of Github’s Code Reviews”

Justin Abrahms has written an article discussing the current state of code reviewing when using Github. GitHub, the current de facto standard for this [code language=”reviews”][/code] , is letting us down. This is a huge WTF for me. Github isn’t the standard; gerrit, reviewboard, rietveld are. I like how issuesRead More

Adding New Fonts to Linux Mint

Adding New Fonts to Linux Mint I know the process is roughly the same as in Ubuntu, it’s just nice to have a tutorial page that can serve as a quick reference. I’m installing some Google Web Fonts and it would be much nicer if they were installed system-wide ratherRead More

Bower for package management, it makes sense now

I finally see the point of using Bower for package management for front-end web development. It’s made for larger projects where you’re going to be upgrading components every few months and the dependencies really need to be managed for that. I’ve worked on relatively small web sites and web applicationsRead More

Big Data and the Soviet Ghosts

Very interesting perspective, especially in light of the NSA revelations by Snowden.

Installing NPM from NodeJS source

The latest versions of NodeJS apparently come with npm. Here’s how to install it. Download nodejs source:¬† Decompress it: tar zxvf node-x.y.z.tar.gz Enter the deps/npm directory: cd node-x.y.z/deps/npm Run the standard install process: ./configure make sudo make install You can also use `make latest` to install the latest version ofRead More

Installing nodejs and npm on Linux Mint

Snippet of AngularJS for data models

Evil Trout has a blog post comparing AngularJS to EmberJS and one of the examples seems off from what I understand so far about AngularJS. It’s in the section, “What’s wrong with JavaScript primitives as models?” where the concept of the model is compared. The example in the blog postRead More

About Workplace Anarchy

The blog of Guile co-maintainer, Andy Wingo, has a series of blog posts detailing how the Igalia workers’ co-operative works: no master but that would be anarchy! time for money This is a very interesting subject as there are few workers’ co-operatives in existence…or maybe there are a lot ofRead More

AngularJS vs EmberJS Notes

Just watched a video from Norwegian Developers Conference, “EmberJS vs AngularJS” and it’s a code battle between two developers (one of whom is the lead developer of EmberJS) demonstrating the basics of each framework. The AngularJS code wasn’t as good as it could have been.