More time on my hands and working on DeskNewsBlur

I got a random email from one of the founders of FeedSpot (which has recently been featured on TechCrunch) giving me a coupon code to upgrade to their premium news reader account. They’d like some beta testers apparently and it looks like a very clean site, it reminds me of Google+ or the WordPress dashboard to some extent.

At first, I was hesitant, I already use NewsBlur and it’s pretty amazing. The android client is great, the web interface is awesome and I’m developing a desktop client so why do I need another RSS reader?

But I realize this is a perfect test of how well I can design DeskNewsBlur to handle more than one API. There are two ways I can do this: I could add FeedSpot support to the existing code and add some kind of setting to switch which API you use; fork DeskNewsBlur and modify the code related to the NewsBlur API to use the FeedSpot API. Or I can skip the whole idea and just start from scratch and create a desktop client that can handle exactly what FeedSpot provides. Forking the project is probably the best bet, there’s no need to have one desktop client that can handle both APIs if you’re only subscribing to one or the other APIs.

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