August, 2013

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GreaseMonkey and Stylish for custom JS and CSS in your browser

I just stumbled upon a few repos on Gitub for injecting custom CSS and JS into web pages that are loaded into your browser: dotcss and dotjs. Not to take away anything from the developers but GreaseMonkey has been around for a long time and works with both Firefox andRead More


follow_redirects I wrote a small utility tool for following HTTP redirects. Needed it for testing the redirects from a desktop site to a mobile site and for testing redirections when using URL shortening services. Came in handy and let me learn how to use the Python Requests library which isRead More

Some books I’ve read through or started reading in the last few months

Into The Wild Rework The Lean Startup Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software A Tour of the Calculus Job: A Comedy of Justice The Democracy Project Implementing Lean Software Development Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, 3rd edition Cracking The Code Interview, 5th edition Where Men Win Glory DebtRead More

OMouse’s BlurBlog (links/stories I find interesting)

OMouse’s BlurBlog (links/stories I find interesting)

Setting-up AngularJS, Angular Seed, Node.js and Karma

Response to review of WebStorm 6

Response to review of WebStorm 6 This review of WebStorm 6 is off the mark. When I was working at Trapeze, we used LESS CSS and Grunt for the frontend of our projects. Grunt was used to run compile the CSS, minify and concatenate the CSS and JavaScript. In WebStormRead More

More time on my hands and working on DeskNewsBlur

I got a random email from one of the founders of FeedSpot (which has recently been featured on TechCrunch) giving me a coupon code to upgrade to their premium news reader account. They’d like some beta testers apparently and it looks like a very clean site, it reminds me ofRead More

Presentation: Git Workflow

This is a presentation I wanted to give at work but never found the time (nor did it seem there would be any interest, the git branching model there has been chosen and is firmly in place). The presentation shows there are multiple branching models and that each one isRead More

Went to Grove Music Fest

Phoenix at Grove Fest, down at Fort York Garrison Commons, Toronto The ground was a bit gross to walk on, probably because of the food tents nearby. We spotted an older guy who had a sombrero on, super weird. Unfortunately it was an all ages event, which meant while thereRead More