June, 2013

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Effective Technical Leadership

Effective Technical Leadership Attributes of an effective technical lead: Knowledge Speed Awareness Activities: Block Unblock Redirect Decide Show Some key actions: Help create and stack rank project priorities Define best practices for issue tracking Coach other engineers Review code in detail and provide useful feedback Shield engineers from management whenRead More

Generating a Culture of Code Documentation

Generating a Culture of Code Documentation This is from a presentation given at the Write the Docs conference, Cutter’s experience is that SMEs fall into three categories in roughly equal proportion: eager to help, willing to help (with guidance in the form of templates and direction), and curmudgeons. …You asRead More

Leadership Influence Techniques From The Army

The United States Army has a field manual on leadership. In it, they describe multiple techniques for influencing your team/squad to accomplish tasks and fulfill mission objectives. Influence Techniques It has a great list of leadership influence techniques that would benefit platoon and squad leaders in the game and wouldRead More

NDP launches filibuster against would-be Tory bill to strip terrorists of Canadian citizenship

Alternatives to Acceptance Testing

Alternatives to Acceptance Testing I like the goal of eliminating defects while you’re writing code rather than fix bugs later on. When it comes to testing, my goal is to eliminate defects. At least the ones that matter. (Netscape 4.01 users, you’re on your own.) And I’d much rather prevent defects than findRead More

Are you being spied on? Join Piers Morgan for a discussion on surveillance and privacy

Are coders worth it?

Are coders worth it? This salary is ridiculous: On Thursday night I got an unexpected email. It was a job offer, and these were the terms: $150,000 in salary, a $10,000 signing bonus, stock options, a free gym membership, excellent health and dental benefits, a new cellphone, and free lunchRead More

New books :D Design patterns and Lean Software

I bought some new books the other night after Java class. I’ve never actually read the gang of four design patterns book so I thought now’s a good time and to have in the shelf. I also found a nice book on Agile software development, Implementing Lean Software Development. It’sRead More

Agile and user expectations

From this article on IT World, “Why your users hate agile (and what you can do about it)”, come some answers and strategies for dealing with user/customer/client expectations: 7 tips for making Agile more palatable to users Find ways to give users some sense of predictability Earn trust incrementally ExplainRead More

Does My Password Go up to Eleven? The Impact of Password Meters on Password Selection

Does My Password Go up to Eleven? The Impact of Password Meters on Password Selection  We performed a followup field experiment to test a different scenario: creating a password for an unimportant account. In this scenario, we found that the meters made no observable difference: participants simply reused weak passwordsRead More