June, 2013

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Weddings Used To Be Sacred And Other Lessons About Internet Journalism

I dislike TechCrunch but this was written by Sean Parker and it actually shows why WikiLeaks is important. You can check the sources yourself when all the information behind a story is published. If an article has little in the way of the facts, it will be apparent from theRead More

What buy art really buys

Very true, hard to consider it sometimes, I usually think more about the effect on myself and my context.

PyCharm: Markdown mode can display a Preview

I just discovered something great and something that will help me document projects. Sometimes I wonder how the README of a project will look on github or bitbucket and the only way for me to check is to push my changes, fire up the browser, go to the repo andRead More

Heilmeier’s Catechism

Heilmeier’s Catechism When George Heilmeier was the director of ARPA in the mid 1970s, he had a standard set of questions he expected every proposal for a new research program to answer. These have been called the Heilmeier Catechism. It’s a good exercise to answer these questions for an individualRead More

Memories of Stasi color Germans’ view of U.S. surveillance programs

“It is the height of naivete to think that once collected this information won’t be used,” he said. “This is the nature of secret government organizations. The only way to protect the people’s privacy is not to allow the government to collect their information in the first place.” http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2013/06/26/195045/memories-of-stasi-color-germans.html

Good article on managing remote teams

Wade Foster at Zapier talks about the tools, processes and other important issues when managing remote teams. Hopefully in the future companies make it easier to work remotely a few days of the week at least. Three ingredients of successful remote working setup Team Tools Process

First code patch submission in a long time…

UPDATE: It got in, the patch was reviewed, updated and added to the main code base. The developer even added my name to the credits! I submitted an issue to the Django Rest Framework project. There was a bit of a problem with the documentation’s example not reflecting the code.Read More

Mapping Django ideas to Java, Servlets and Struts

It’s been weird to consider the concepts in Java with servlets and the Struts web framework since I’ve been using Django and Python for the last year. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17264522/how-do-django-concepts-map-to-java-servlets-struts-and-jsp-pages So I posted a question on Stackoverflow with an answer that describes how some Django concepts translate into Java web development concepts.

Presentation: Why PyCharm

Just created a short presentation for work about why I’m checking out the PyCharm IDE. I wrote a post earlier about it. Update: found a nice post by a VIM user who switched to PyCharm and found it awesome how integrated everything is.

Django: dumping and loading databases

At work (Trapeze Media), we have this situation where we want to dump the database from the production servers so that we can work with that data on our local development machines. As part of an internal app (which another developer is working on open-sourcing parts of, UPDATE: the appRead More