September, 2009

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GNU Moe Tutorial/Review

Yesterday I was looking at a listing of updates for free software projects. I commented that the package moe could be used as a replacement for nano or zile, that is, when you need to quickly edit files from the command-line. So today I’m giving it a go. I downloaded moe via the GNU project’s FTP serverRead More

Free Software Supporter #18 announces some recent GNU software releases

Free Software Supporter is a newsletter run by the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and in it they have a section announcing a few software releases from the GNU project. However, they do not seem to provide any description of the projects aside from their name and version. I guess this is okay since FreeRead More

PLATO and the TUTOR programming language manual

I was reading a bit about PLATO, a computer system for computer-aided instruction, and it is astonishingly old. It was around in the 70s, the 80s, etc. The language originally used for creating lessons and tutorials was called TUTOR. I’ve been extremely curious about the language since I first read about itRead More

Java Applets and Wikipedia

There is a proposal to allow the inclusion of Java applets into Wikipedia to increase interactivity. What this says to me is that the Web is not enough and that it is mainly a document system. Instead, the Wikipedians should build a proper desktop application for viewing Wikipedia articles and then separateRead More